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TPP is a turnkey operation that provides program management and processing services to the Payments industry.

Prepaid debit cards are our bread and butter, but we’ve developed many different solutions for clients that have very unique needs.

Our Products

We develop innovative solutions to meet our client’s diverse needs. From physical reloadable cards to virtual non-reloadable, we span the full gamut of possibilities.

A social media giant was looking to create an effective employee incentive card that the company could administer on its own. Also, we designed the program so that card funds could be redeemed only at specified retail locations that the company wanted to promote.

A pharmaceutical company needed a way to make it easier for patients on specific drug treatments to purchase the drug at a pharmacy at a reduced cost. We developed a specialized card that patients could take to the pharmacy checkout and get individualized pricing according to their insurance plan.

A Fortune 500 company was discontinuing its game card program and needed a way to reimburse customers their unused card balances. We came up with a solution to reimburse these customers through a Virtual Visa card that was emailed to them. Funds on the virtual card could be redeemed by shopping online.

Our Platform and Services


With over 30 configurable settings in our card set up application, you can design your card program exactly the way you want it. A host of controls are at your fingertips when you launch and even after you launch.


Our card set up application enables us to get your card program to market with lightning speed. But if your specific needs require additional software development work, our engineering team uses agile development methodologies to make changes quickly.


Our systems meet the highest PCI-DSS compliance standards, keeping our customer data secure. And keeping you worry-free.


As an option we can provide an Admin Portal for you to create new card accounts, manage user accounts, and perform general administrative functions.

Our People

We are a purposefully constructed team of business leaders, technology gurus, and customer support experts with a common passion to bring unprecedented service and innovation to our clients and to the Payments industry as a whole. Our troika of chief officers bring deep industry experience. After joining forces in early 2014, they formed TPP — The Perfect Processor. The result? Over 8 million cards issued and counting… fast. Here’s a bio of our fearless leaders.

  • Dennis Gross (CEO)
    Dennis has worked in the telephony and prepaid space since the days of Alexander Graham Bell. Okay, not really, but close! His understanding of payments, telephone/long distance, gift cards, and other aspects of the upcoming mobile payment space for wallets and money transmission products serve to guide TPP and its customers through the labyrinth of regulation, operational efficiencies, and technology applications available to them. In the process, real value is delivered to TPP’s customers under Dennis’ guidance. Not only does Dennis bring this value to his customers and employees, but he has used this vision to build an executive team that is unmatched in prepaid.

  • Fred Kortmann (CFO)
    Fred began his career in advertising after graduating with a degree in accounting. He brings nearly 3 decades of corporate experience to TPP and has the rare combination of skills found in people who are great marketers but understand how value is distributed and costs are contained. Fred oversees the creative team while simultaneously ensuring TPP’s ongoing financial condition remains strong. He and Dennis set the strategic vision and course for TPP, ensuring their customers’ experience is second to none.

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Card Program in a Box

Offering your customers your own private-label Visa debit cards can help your business add new customers, as well as retain your current ones with an increased sense of loyalty. We provide a complete turnkey solution that includes our bank, BIN, Visa, TPP card program manager, and issuer processing services. “Card Program in a Box” allows you as a merchant to have your own private label (branded) prepaid debit card for a significantly reduced startup cost.

  • Just a few of the key benefits

    Elevate your brand & earn like a bank — Added bank-like revenue from existing and new customers help increase your profitability.
    Added credibility — Visa brand brings instant trust to your loyalty program.
    Simplify your loyalty and rewards program by offering what everyone wants, an instant cash rebate on every purchase. You can now offer your customers a percent cash back for purchases instantly loaded on your own custom-branded Visa prepaid card and mobile e-wallet, which you can set and manage.
    Billboard in their pocket — Your custom-branded Visa prepaid card can be a constant reminder of your brand and business, and doubles as a loyalty card.
    Know your customers, and build valuable marketing data — You get to collect valuable personal and demographic information from your customers and the products they prefer, which leads to improved customer retention.
    Instant marketing — Embedded is your custom-branded marketing website and customer portal with smartphone app, plus an optional custom SMS short-code and keyword. This is the best and most affordable way to increase sales and profits.
    Your branded store charge card — You can add other features and benefits such as instant small loans which can be added to your brand's Visa prepaid cards, that can only be spent at your stores and all without a credit check. Best of all, everyone qualifies for a card. (subject to ID verification)

    And so much more. Please feel free to call us directly at 1-847-274-2701 to get in touch with one of our program experts.

Our Clients and Partners

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Contact Us

Business Headquarters:
30 Jericho Executive Plaza, Suite 600W
Jericho, NY 11753

Phone: 877-TPP-FORU (877-3678)